CHEF – Social Media and Business

The movie CHEF cooks up a storm on Twitter. It features @ChefCarlCasper who losses his job because of a tweet sent to a food critic followed by a temper tantrum caught on video and posted on YouTube. He decides to launch his own business selling Cuban sandwiches in a food truck. With the help of his son, he learns how to promote his business on twitter and bring out the crowds to line up in front of his truck.

The underlying story of the entrepreneur comes to life as well as the use or misuse of social media tools can make or break your business. It does have a great father/son story that is both heartwarming and inspirational for those entrepreneurs that must juggle the parenting role and business manager. Great movie, won’t spoil it for you but check out this video clip and let me know your thoughts after you see the movie.

Credits with a big THANK YOU! to Chef (2014) –

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