GBG Summit, Mountainview, CA

This past month of June brought a pleasant surprise, an invitation to participate in the Google Business Group – GBG Summit in Mountainview, CA. I met a group of inspiring women and men from around the globe who are impacting their local economies and working with small businesses from Malaysia to Mexico, from Philippines to Peru.

When I think back to the GBG Summit this equation comes to mind:

Techpreneurs + Socialpreneurs =


Whenever people with passion congregate the energy in the room explodes and when women share their experiences you walk away with a sense that there is nothing greater than to achieve together. We are the ultimate community builders, the movers and shakers that press on and forward. Here is an example of such inspirational stories an mini-interview with Melissa Gavo from GBG-Lima.

For every need that is identified there is a solution to be found or developed, shared and implemented. Purpose is the common denominator of passionate entrepreneurs but something extraordinary happens when we “Connect Inform Inspire” we change the world around us!

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