Latino Businesses gone Mobile

Since technology is our business, we loved the idea of participating in this study. The results don’t surprise us, in fact, they confirmed what we’ve witnessed in the field. The Latino business owner is eager to learn, early to adapt, and up to speed with the use of technology.

Well, the results are in and they show we have embraced mobile technology. Here are some interesting findings released by our friends at Social Media Lens:

  • Business Growth: 62% of Hispanic business owners report seeing at least 5% growth from using mobile tech.
  • Benefits: 90% of respondents reported seeing benefits as a result of mobile adoption, with 70% offering better customer service, 61% reporting increased productivity and 41% citing new client acquisition.
  • Productivity: 83% report saving at least one hour per day using mobile technologies.
  • Reliance on Mobile: 94% said a day without mobile would negatively impact their business and nearly 53% said it would be a “major disruption” or “utter catastrophe.”
  • Mobile Tools: 67% report that the use of mobile technology enables them to respond to clients in a more timely way, 37% have created a mobile-friendly website and 31% use mobile payments.
  • More Mobile Training: Many respondents are looking for training and tools to help maximize the benefits of mobile technology: Priorities— 53% want training on mobile marketing opportunities, 43% more business apps, 36% learn how to code mobile apps, and 35% bilingual mobile apps.

You can check the full deck and cool info-graphic at Social Media Lens 

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