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Starfish Global en Feria de la MIPYME en Guatemala

Como mucho de ustedes saben, una de nuestras metas para el 2016 era lanzar nuestra subsidiaria en Guatemala. Ahora se nos presenta la oportunidad de hacerlo en grande. El 28 y 29 de Septiembre estaremos en la Feria de la Micro, Pequeña y Mediana Empresa (MIPYME) auspiciada por la Universidad Rafael Landívar (URL) en Ciudad…
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4 Simple Steps for Marketing Your Small Business or Nonprofit

1. Goal Setting Every digital marketing strategy must align with the overall goals of your organization. Start by ranking the goals that fit your organization in order of priority. For example: Drive repeat business, increase referrals; nurture leads and relationships; engage customers, advocates, or volunteers; increase sales or donations; and reach new customers, donors, or…
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Plan to Stay in Business

You may think that business preparedness is for disasters only. Imagine that you have an emergency such as a power outage lasting a few hours, a fire across the street, a computer system crash, an explosion in the area... You don't want to think about it, right? Well, think again! 75% of businesses without continuity…
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